Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Bright House's Bay News 9 Won't Tell You the News About AARP's Medicare Advantage Plan

My wife saw the report first on Bay News 9. It informed that AARP was dropping about a thousand doctors from one of its medicare plans. She told me about it and right away I said, "It must be their Medicare Advantage Plan." She said that's not what the report said. A short while later while I was watching the report aired again. As she said, Medicare Advantage was not mentioned. I then went to my PC and Googled "AARP Drops Doctors" and found a headline which read "Patients scramble after AARP Medicare Advantage plans drop providers." In short, it doesn't effect me. After being advised against such a plan by a doctor and previously seeing the part such a plan had played in the death of a friend of mine, I had sworn off Medicare Advantage plans. But, inadvisable or not, that doesn't stop Bright House from collecting revenue from several companies, each of which is selling their Medicare Advantage Plan through infomercials. Just yesterday afternoon, I noticed such infomercials airing on both NBC and FOX at the same time. I wouldn't watch them but I'm guessing they promote their products as a way to simplify your dealings with Medicare and not as a way for them to increase their profits. Do you really expect insurance companies to be honest?

Anyway, how can you possibly call yourself a news channel when you let your parent company's monetary concerns interfere with your reporting of the news? You can't. In addition, I went to the Bay News 9 website and couldn't find the story listed anywhere. What they won't do for their advertisers.